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Referral & Reward Program:

Free amazon gift card for every referral .

See what you can qualify for.

Reward Program

While you are catching up with your loved ones, consider sharing your AirFresh Ac experience with them if they are in need of any home heating and/or cooling assistance.

We appreciate any customer referral we receive, and through our Referral Reward Program, we want to reward YOU for helping us help others that you know!

Whether you are able to recommend our services this holiday season or at a later time, there are some things you may want to know about the best ways to get the word out about Airfresh Ac Services, as well as what rewards you could expect to receive for every customer, we are able to help through your referral efforts.


How Can You Refer A Friend To Airfresh AC Services?
There are many ways to share your AirFresh AC story with others. Consider the following…
  • You can refer a friend by just telling them about us and letting them know how your experience was.

  • Write a review online, whether on Google, Facebook or Yelp, sharing your experience and story of how our team did.

  • Pass along any of our business cards, contact information or other literature we’ve provided you in the past to anyone you know that might need our services.

  • If you receive our emails, forward them to your friend or family member. This way they can take advantage of the tips we provide, as well as have access to our current promotions.

"Outstanding service! The technicians were prompt, efficient, and exceeded our expectations while repairing our air conditioner. I wholeheartedly endorse AirFresh to all my acquaintances. Thank you, team!"

Why should you refer a friend to AirFresh AC Services?

People like to know that they can trust a company to do good work in their home, and they like to know that the company is credible. HVAC replacement is often a very unfamiliar project for a homeowner, as many people only have installed a new heating or cooling system 1-2 times in their life. When you refer AirFresh AC to a friend, family member, or neighbor, you let them know they can expect quality, professional work from our team, giving them peace of mind while taking on a likely unfamiliar home upgrade. Tell them about your experience, but then let them know they can find us on Google and read additional reviews.

How will you be rewarded for your referrals?

When you recommend our services to others, we want to say THANK YOU. When your referral provides us with your information at the time of their in-home estimate, below the reward you can expect.


*Full system install: $100 amazon gift card to you and $100 discount to the new customer.

*For any Repair over $1500: $50 amazon gift card to you and $50 discount to the new customer.


*For any Repair over $200: $25 amazon gift card to you and $25 discount to the new customer.


There is no limit to the number of friends, family members, or neighbors you can send our way. For every referral that mentions your name who then has a system installed, you may receive that many $100 rewards!

A referral is the greatest compliment that we can receive as a business, so we thank all of our customers who have recommended our services to others!

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